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Book Review: Buffett’s Bites

Buffett's BitesThis book introduces the reader to the letters that Warren Buffett writes to his shareholders in the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report. Buffett also includes a “Shareholder’s Manual” in the report, which Rittenhouse uses material from as well. This is a great introduction to fundamental concepts of value investing, the strategy which Buffett has used to build a personal net worth of over $70 billion.

Warren Buffett is more than a successful investor and business owner, he is a role model for all of us. One of the core values of his life has been stewardship. He finds business that are run by great people who truly care about their craft, invests in them or purchases their company, and then continues to let them manage and do their great work while he stays out of the way. He feels deeply committed to his shareholders, and strives to give them great returns and more than enough information about the company, as well as other sage advice.

Rittenhouse is obviously a big believer in Buffett. She writes passionately about him and his work, and she writes so much like him that at times you forget whether you are reading his words or hers. This quick read is well worth the time for any investor, even if the extent of your investment is only a few mutual funds for your retirement. Value investing isn’t only a stock market strategy, it can be a model for all the economics of life.

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