Finance Friday #2: Buy It While It’s Cheap

Some things in life you cannot get away with buying cheap. Then there’s investing. Check out this 2nd edition of the weekly “Finance Friday” digest, featuring quotations, charts, stock tips, and curated links (1st edition was here).

Quote of the Day

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 7.07.17 PM

Investment of the Week

Brad Thomas, one of my favorite Seeking Alpha writers, specializes in analyzing real estate investment trusts (REITs). He wrote a great feature this week on National Retail Properties (NNN). Retail REIT prices are getting killed by fear of bankruptcies in the retail industry, but NNN is not heavily exposed to the more vulnerable areas of retail. Read what Brad has to say about it here.

Chart of the Day

Don’t waste your money on fees for fancy esoteric investments. Cheap robots will do just fine:

Hedge Funds vs Index Funds.png


How can Netflix be worth nearly as much as Disney?
Michael Batnick, The Irrelevant Investor, 04.24.2018

The Importance Of Forecasting Your Misery To Live A Happier Life
Financial Samurai

This Is the Only Retail Credit Card Worth Having
Martha C. White, Money, 04.24.2018

Marketplace Lending’s New Ways Look a Lot Like the Old Ones
Stephanie Gandel, Bloomberg Gadfly, 04.30.2018

15 Insightful Books about Investing, Money, Work and Life
Paula Pant, Afford Anything, 04.25.2018


4 Unhealthy Attitudes Towards Money – with Dr. Brad Klontz, Financial Therapist
Paula Pant, Afford Anything, 04.30.2018

In Case You Missed It…

Book Review: Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Douglass Gaking, Gaking Finance, 04.30.2018

Why Facebook Will Face A Lawsuit Before This Is Over
Douglass Gaking, Seeking Alpha, 05.02.2018


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