Book Reviews

Book Review: The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide

young entrepreneurs guideThe Young Entrepreneur’s Guide is an excellent resource for anyone thinking about starting a business or trying to improve their small business. Whether you are trying to expand your side hustle, invent a new product, or launch a start-up, Steve Mariotti covers everything you need to know.

The book’s 22 chapters cover everything from the entrepreneurial lifestyle to legal structures and liability concerns to taxes and finance to writing a business plan. Concepts are covered in an accessible manner. No previous business knowledge is needed and esoteric topics are avoided. If you are excited about starting a business, you can breeze through this book. It is also organized in a way that makes it easy to go back to for reference.

I chose this as the textbook for my high school Introduction to Entrepreneurship class this year. It was very helpful for covering everything my students need to know. Many of the students enjoyed reading it because it is not written in a dry textbook style and each chapter shares at least one young entrepreneur’s story. Mariotti set out to write a book that is engaging for young people who might be interested in business, and this book accomplishes that.

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