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Book Review: Save, Spend, Invest, Give

Save Spend Invest GiveIn Save, Spend, Invest, Give, Daniel Pecaut shares his expertise on personal finance as the CEO of an investment firm for over 30 years. Pecaut is a value investor inspired by value gurus like Warren Buffett and John Templeton. However, this is not so much a value investing guide as it is an inspirational personal finance guide.

The book is divided into three parts. Book 1 talks about money as a tool, the empowerment that comes from saving and investing, opportunity cost, compound interest, and other big personal finance concepts. Book 2 talks about maximizing returns through a value investing approach. Book 3 is an inspirational story of Pecaut’s experience giving through financial donations and personal involvement in non-profit organizations.

This is not really a how-to book. It does not explain how to write a good budget or do discounted cash flow analysis. Pecaut looks at the big picture and motivates readers to budget, save, avoid debt, keep a value mindset, and give back. This quick read can be inspirational and motivational to anyone who wants to manage their money in the most effective way possible.

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