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Book Review: Good to Great

good to greatGood to Great, which is sort of a prequel to Collins’s bestselling Built to Last, is a study of 11 established companies that suddenly broke out and outperformed the market in an unbelievable fashion. 11 comparison companies that remained stable in the same industry and environment are used in the study.

Each good-to-great company displayed a certain style of leadership that Collins calls “Level 5 Leadership.” Each focused on getting the right employees onboard before figuring out what to do with them. And there are 5 other concepts that were common between them which each get a chapter in the book. These concepts have to do with psychology, core philosophies, management strategies, organizational behavior concepts, and more.

Each of the 7 concepts in this book could be applied to starting and running your own small business, to finding good businesses to invest in, to managing in any business or organization, to teaching and coaching, to your own personal creative endeavors, and so much more. Using these businesses and their leaders as an example, Collins and his team provide a research-based model for becoming the best in the world at something.

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