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Book Review: How to Prepare for Climate Change

I enjoy watching David Pogue host episodes of Nova on PBS. He is great at taking complex science and making it accessible and interesting to the view. His new book, How to Prepare for Climate ChangeL A Practical Guide to Surviving the Chaos, is along those same lines.

Book cover: How to Prepare for Climate Change by David Pogue

Pogue combines the science of climate change with knowledge survival, sustainability, financial services, government services, and more. I have been looking for a resource like this for a long time, as I have been trying to run my household in a way that is both financially and environmentally sustainable and that reduces my vulnerability to natural and man-made disasters. Pogue covers all of it. No resource has ever been this comprehensive.

The section on investing is really interesting, breaking down all the different avenues through which one could invest in responding to climate change, including stocks in various sectors, green bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds. There are pros and cons of different industries, and Pogue helps the investor understand what to look for.

Pogue writes in that accessible voice that he uses on Nova, making these 500+ pages a breeze to read through. I expected to just skim this or use it as a reference, but instead I read it cover-to-cover over a few weekends. This is a fantastic book for improving your personal sustainability and risk management so that you are prepared for this new age of volatility.

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