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Book Review: Sons of Wichita

sons of wichitaThe Koch family has tried for decades to keep itself out of the spotlight while building the 2nd largest private company in America. However, as this biography explains, they haven’t done the best job of it. Daniel Schulman details the Koch brothers’ lifetime of conflict with business competitors, political opponents, their companies’ shareholders and employees, and each other. It feels a bit like if someone wrote a novelization one of those epic long-running soap opera TV shows, except this all actually happened.

Whether you take interest in the history, business, politics, or psychology and sociology of it, it is a fascinating story. Schulman does not make it clear how he feels about the Kochs or their politics. He simply writes the details and gives a fair assessment of the situations—and there are some bizarre and complex situations.

The Kochs are probably the most influential family in America that you don’t know anything about, so this thorough investigation of their businesses, family, charity work, and political action is well worth reading.


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