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Market Monday #3: Supply & Demand

Falling rents may drive a brick-and-mortar retail recovery. After taking a beating for years, could agricultural commodity prices do the same?

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Quote of the Day

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 7.46.03 PM

Word of the Day

From Investopedia:

When supply and demand are equal (i.e. when the supply function and demand function intersect) the economy is said to be at equilibrium. At this point, the allocation of goods is at its most efficient because the amount of goods being supplied is exactly the same as the amount of goods being demanded. Thus, everyone (individuals, firms, or countries) is satisfied with the current economic condition. At the given price, suppliers are selling all the goods that they have produced and consumers are getting all the goods that they are demanding.

equilibrium (investopedia)

The balance between supply and demand, which naturally governs so much of what happens in our world, is one of the the great beauties of economics.

Chart of the Day

This chart from Innosight shows the shortening lifespan (and rising turnover) of companies on the S&P 500, indicating that creative destruction is accelerating:

s&p turnover


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