Finance Friday

Finance Friday #3: Winners & Losers

Volatility is back, not only in market prices, but in the way we look at everything. The market is getting nervous, and competition is heating up.

Quote of the Day

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 9.22.29 PM

Investment of the Week

I can’t believe Disney (DIS) is still sitting at around $100 per share. I also can’t believe Warren Buffett hasn’t started buying it. This is a huge moat company that has huge growth potential in the digital streaming age. It has a P/E of only 13.55 with a ROE of 26.55% and is below many cash-flow-based intrinsic valuations.


Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban agree: Avoid debt at all costs
Kathleen Elkins, CNBC, 05.10.2018

Emerging Markets Bandwagon
Kevin Muir, Macro Tourist, 05.09.2018

FedEx Corporation Has Amazon Derangement Syndrome
Dana Blankenhorn, Investor Place, 05.04.2018

Why Utilities (Not Yieldcos) Are Dominating Renewable-Energy Finance
Travis Hoium, Motley Fool, 03.16.2018


In Case You Missed It

This week’s Market Monday had covered supply and demand and creative destruction with some interesting charts and links.

Have a great weekend!

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